Design With Passion!

Monica Nielsen

Hi There!

Designing is something I’ve been doing since 2003. I find joy in meeting with homebuyers to guide them through the process of making selections for their new home. 

When designing I feel as though I have flicked a switch and I begin to flow and be in the zone. What I do know is I can help you design your dream home by creating a relationship with you based on the ideas you have and what style and functionality you are looking for.

Building your Dream Home or Remodeling your Flooring?

We help clients make sound preparations for their upcoming projects and ensure clarity and ease. We help you decide where to start and make sure your investment of time and money matches your lifestyle.

Whether you are designing your dream home or revamping your bathroom, we are here to help and serve you.

Our clients actually ENJOY the building process with us or improving their homes because they know what to expect. Our knowledge of products, network of trades and the relationships in the home building community helps us save them money so that they can maximize their investment.


Let us help you out!

There are so many decisions – What floors to choose? How about what color interior paint should you select for your home? What materials should the kitchen countertop be? What lighting looks amazing in the bathrooms? Even though the building process is exciting, these decisions can be a bit overwhelming.

This is where we come in to lend a helping hand – at our firm; we strive to ensureour clients make the right choices for their home and create a clear roadmap, have open communication and a positive attitude while adhering to a designated time frame and without exceeding the investment set in place.

Select Your Package

Take your pick – you can opt for a virtual meeting, in person single meeting or multiple meetings depending upon what you want help designing.  We believe if you just need help selecting flooring and paint colors a single meeting should be enough. If you have purchased, a new home or remodeling the multi meeting package is what we suggest. 


  • Virtual Meeting
  • Flooring Selection
  • Paint Selection

One oN One

  • 1 to 3 hour meeting
  • Flooring Selection
  • Paint Selection


  • 9 Meeting Package
  • Coordination of meetings with showrooms and trades
  • Comprehensive Information Binder for you and your Builder
  • Beautiful Design Booklet of all visuals selected 2 Hard copies and 1 Electronic Version
  • Connect weekly or every other week it keeps projects moving forward and ideas and selections fresh


How to get started?

All you have to do is reach out to us and schedule a meeting. We meet at a location of your choice and find out exactly what it is you want to get done. This is when you let us know about a particular paint color that has caught your attention, how you wish to spruce up your living room with attractive lighting, etc. We come up with customized solutions as per your requirements, while offering additional insights to improve existing design and chalk out the budget as well. A copy will be mailed to you of notes, photos, sketches, and other material gathered during the meeting.

If you wish to plan a larger renovation or construction project, it might require more than one meeting as we need a bigger time frame to assess the situation and devise solutions accordingly.

Please go through the Letter of Agreement carefully and ask questions if you don’t understand a certain point or clause. A nominal fee is charged, which is a percentage of the package you have chosen. The remaining amount is paid at the final meeting. A distance fee is applicable if the destination is more than 50 miles.


Where are the meetings held?

As mentioned, the location of meetings is completely up to you! For instance, if you wish to go over flooring materials or paint colors, you can meet us at are recommended showrooms, so we can help you with the selections. The decision is yours!


Are “after hours” meetings possible?

We try to book our appointments at 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m. therefore we have access to good lighting and these time frames work well with availability of the showrooms we recommend.

What if I need more than one meeting but less than what is mentioned in the package?

Packages with more than one meeting are outlined so we can invest time to all aspects of your home without rushing through. We try to meet once every week (or once in a couple of weeks), so your construction keeps on track and while decisions are still fresh.

We help you select all your flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting, hardware, plumbing fixtures, interior paint colors, appliances, trim, staircases and so much more. Multi-meeting packages allows us to evaluate the design criteria of your home and assist with your investment  optimization in a better way. But if you are unsure about opting for full packages of several meetings, you can book numerous single meetings instead. We are here for YOU!

Lets Talk!