In your home, the Halloween vibe can be amazing. You may have a lot of fun decorating for Halloween by using two colors that we rarely advocate in huge amounts: black and orange.

The simple answer is that if you follow a few simple decorating principles for balancing the Five Elements, you won’t have to worry about destroying your home’s positive Feng Shui. Balance of the elements is at the heart of designing spaces that care and support us, as it is in all aspects of life and the year.

The Earth Element orange is known as the “social color,” as it represents eagerness. Using a lot of orange decorations encourages people to talk and communicate, which is very beneficial for ensuring a fun and memorable Halloween for the whole family. Incorporate orange pumpkins, foliage, and candles into your Halloween and Thanksgiving decor.

Black is the hue of the Water Element and indicates energy flow, hence it’s best used in the front of your home. In Feng Shui, the front door is known as the “Mouth of Chi,” where all positive energy enters, making it a great location for the Water Element.

Lighting is another important Feng Shui tool, and for Halloween, it might be as simple as a lighted jack-o-lantern on your front entrance. Using orange and black candles throughout your home, except in your Marriage/Relationship gua, is also a good idea. Candles provide both warm light and social energy.

Among the Halloween animal symbols, owls are the most favorable to incorporate in your decorations. Decorate with them around your front entrance or staring out a window to help keep destructive energy out of your “Mouth of Chi,” making room for all the holiday’s lively, joyful energy to come in.

Halloween is also a perfect time to practice seasonal aromatherapy. The aromas of warm, nourishing soups, as well as the usage of nutmeg and cinnamon in pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, treats, and more, pervade our kitchens at this time of year.

All Hallow’s Eve was once thought to be the one and only day of the year when ghosts were considered to be free to wander and roam our world, and even try to create some mid-fall mischief in their wake. And, with all the potential for mischievous magic lingering in the fall air, Halloween is the ideal moment to bestow a great deal of protection on our tiniest Hershey’s hustlers, allowing their pleasure and laughter to bring joy and fortunate energy into our homes.