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Secret For Pulling Off A Successful Thanksgiving Day

Gratitude, Togetherness and Delicious Pie is what Thanksgiving is for me. Here is my secret for pulling off a successful Thanksgiving that is stress-free. Remember to enjoy your food, family and friends. It is a beautiful time to gather and eat a well planned meal. I go around the table and ask people to share one thing they are grateful for. I also use decorations to serve as a beautiful distraction and invite people to bring their favorite dish and share the reasons why. I also suggest some family trivia, watching football maybe and laughing, or how about bringing out family photo albums? All this helps lighten up the atmosphere into a positive joyful holiday experience. I want people to gather and talk about what unites them. I like to BE part of the solution as a host and begin by spreading positive words and energy cause after all it all begins at home and within us and life becomes a reflection of who we are on the inside. In other words be part of a grateful, happy and joyful experience this holiday season. 

As you are enjoying cooking and watching the Macy’s Day Parade how about maybe start a new Thanksgiving Day Tradition. Memories become more plentiful when there’s lots of fun and laughter involved.

Here are 5 of my top picks:

  1. Turkey Trot – Sign up to get some exercise in before digging in to all the delicious food and maybe even wear a costume and enjoy the experience of laughing all the way to the finish line. 
  2. Gratitude Thank You Cards – I enjoy passing out note cards after dinner while enjoying the pie and having everyone write out what they feel grateful for on this Thanksgiving Day 
  3. Break The WishBone – Draw Names to see who wins and who gets to break the wishbone. I have a special gift bag of all kinds of holiday candy, soaps and scents prepared for the winner. 
  4. FaceTime – Connect with family and friends far away and include them in on the fun and joyful adventures when eating dessert.  Share the holiday virtually with those you love and care for. 
  5. Play Corn Hole – Toss bean bags filled with corn is perfect and goes with the thanksgiving holiday vibe.