Hello There!

I’m Monica Nielsen, a lifestyle designer, who works from the soul.  I am an online entrepreneur who is currently studying how to help you raise the vibe of your home to manifest your dreams using the wisdom of modern Feng Shui in your home with coach Ashlina Kaposta. I love life… and feel inspired to help you create a sanctuary that is beautiful and joyful. I crave a deeper connection with my clients. I am studying Feng Shui so that I can help people find a deeper meaning and passion using interior design to transform your life and home.

I have a purpose here and know I am here to help people change their life by creating interior designs for their home that have a wow impact . Upgrade your home and life because your home is a reflection of you.

Through my interior design offerings, I change lives! I design your home to fit you and your lifestyle. Your home will be filled with beautiful selections and designs but more importantly will be filled with joy, laughter and fun, it is a state of mind, because I believe this experience and life is available for all of us.

I am so excited to work with you on your new home purchase and to share with you my signature offering option. It is my signature option that is fully packed.

Here at Design By Mode we have a fun-loving approach to the design process. We strive to listen to your ideas, inputs and needs along with keeping you involved and informed. We want you to feel comfortable and excited and make sure it is an enjoyable fun experience.


Monica Nielsen